This licence agreement sets out the specific details of the Accommodation being granted to you, the period of the Licence and the Occupation Fee.

By completing the online reservation, you enter into this legally binding ‘Licence Agreement’ and agree to be bound by its terms.


The Agreement is between FELLGREEN INVESTMENTS LTD trading as APOLLO HOUSE and the occupier…………………

Payments made to FELLGREEN INVESTMENTS LTD. are for the provision of accommodation and services at Apollo House.


Accommodation Location : Apollo House as indicated in the online reservation process.

Room Number : To be allocated on the day of arrival or as reserved at the time of booking.

Accommodation type : Self catering, as detailed on the Booking Form.

Shower room facilities : Shared

Kitchen facilities : Shared

All Apollo House Accommodation is non-smoking including communal area’s.



As set out on the Booking Form


As set out on the Booking Form

The language in this Agreement and the Regulations are necessarily of a legal nature. Wherever possible, “plain English” has been used. There are, however, some words or phrases in this Residential Licence Agreement which have a very particular meaning, and those are set out below.


1.0 The following words or phrases have the following meanings in this Agreement and in the Regulations:

1.1 “Accommodation” means the residential Occupier accommodation comprising of; the bedroom in Apollo House allocated to the Occupier, together with shared use of the Common Parts of the Building, or any other

residential accommodation which Apollo House may allocate to the Occupier during the Period of


1.2 “Agreement” means this Residential Licence Agreement.

1.3 “Authorised Staff’ means any persons who are employed or contracted by Apollo House in any of the following capacities: Cleaners, Maintenance, Security, Warders and Management Staff

1.4 “Booking Form” means the booking form completed by the Occupier to secure the Accommodation with Apollo House which is attached to this agreement.

1.5 “Building” means Apollo House

1.6 “Cancellation Policy” means the Cancellation Policy attached to this document, as amended from time to time

1.7 “Common Parts” means the entrance hall, stairs, lift, corridors, laundry, bicycle store, bin store, rear gardenaccess and any other common areas within the Building provided for the benefit of all Occupiers:

1.8 “Contents” means the furnishings and effects to be found in the Accommodation as listed in the Schedule of

fixtures and fittings a copy of which is to be provided to the Occupier on moving‐in to the Accommodation

1.9 “Damage Deposit” means the deposit of £ X per bedroom, where X is the sum defined in the Booking Form, which is paid by the Occupier to Apollo House at the time of booking and is replenished and released at the termination of the licence agreement. Where an additional sum has been requested from

the Occupier, the additional sum requested by Apollo House is to be added to the sum of £X defined in the Booking Form and forms part of the Damage Deposit

1.10 “Occupation Fee” means the licence fee payable as stated on the Booking Form, in respect of the Occupier’s occupation of the Accommodation and which is payable by the Occupier to Apollo house during the Period of Licence. The Occupation Fee is payable in advance in accordance with the payment method

detailed in the Booking Form .

1.11 “Period of Licence” means the period granted by this Agreement starting and ending on the dates stated on the Booking Form

1.12 “Service Media” means central heating and hot water systems, electrical services for power and lighting, drainage and water services, and any data or telecom services provided;

1.13 “the Occupier” means the occupant entered on the Booking Form, who

Is the Occupier who has been allocated Accommodation and have been

accepted by Apollo House. Where

1.14 “Apollo House is trading tittle of FELLGREEN INVESTMENTS LTD as defined on the Booking Form attached, (the ‘Licensor’)

2.0 APOLLO HOUSE AGREES TO GRANT and the Occupier agrees to take a LICENCE on the terms of this Agreement in respect of the Accommodation for the Period of Licence.


3.1 to pay the Occupation Fee to Apollo House (or to whosoever Apollo House shall direct) on the dates confirmed in the Booking Form. The Occupier will not set‐off any amounts against the Occupation Fee or any other amounts due to Apollo House. Any person who is not the Occupier and who makes payments due from the Occupier does so as agent of the Occupier

3.2 If payment of the Occupation Fee or any other money due from the Occupier is late, to pay interest at the rate of 3 % above the bank rate as shown on the Bank of England website from time to time on the outstanding amount from the date payment was due until the payment is made in full (both before and after any judgement by a Court). Interest will be charged on a daily basis and shall be compounded monthly.

3.3 to pay to Apollo House (or to whosoever Apollo House shall direct), an administration fee of £30 for each letter or email sent to the Occupier or personal visit made in respect of late payment of the Occupation Fee or any other amount due from the Occupier under the terms of this Agreement.

3.4 to pay all reasonable and proper costs and expenses (including legal costs, unless a Court orders otherwise, and fees payable to a surveyor and any value added tax thereon) incurred by Apollo House in or in reasonable consideration of proceedings to recover outstanding Occupation Fee or any sum incurred as a result of the Occupier not performing the obligations of the Occupier under this Agreement

3.5 to be bound by all of the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement, the Regulations and the Cancellation Policy, which, by completing the Booking Form and paying part or all of the Occupation Fee, the Occupier acknowledges having received, read and understood.

3.6 the Occupier will not sublet the Accommodation or part with possession or share occupation of the Room or any part of it under any circumstances without the prior written consent of Apollo House.

3.7 by reason of the nature of the Agreement and the Regulations the Occupier and/or Occupiers will not have exclusive possession of any part of the Accommodation and will be a Licensee of Apollo House

3.8 that all of the Contents are the exclusive property of Apollo House.

3.9 that this Agreement will automatically be terminated at the end of the Period of Licence and that the Occupier will ensure that the accommodation is vacated and all of their belongings removed by the end of the Period of Licence.

3.10 the Occupier has no right to renew this Agreement at the end of the Period of Licence, save that the Occupier may by prior written agreement with Apollo House, arrange to enter into a new Agreement for further Periods of Licence.

3.11 The size, shape and contents of the Accommodation may vary from time to time and rooms shown during viewings and any pictures or plans shown on Apollo House’s brochures or website are simply examples of the types of rooms Apollo House offers and Apollo House does not guarantee to provide Accommodation which is identical to those shown during viewings or in pictures or plans shown on Apollo House’s brochures or website.

3.12 Apollo house is not obliged to confirm the individual room number in which the Occupier will be residing until the date that the Occupier occupies the room, irrespective of whether this is before or after the start of the Period of Licence.


4.1 the Accommodation will be non‐smoking.

4.2 the Occupation Fee is inclusive of electricity’ wireless internet provision and other utility charges consumed at the Accommodation, except that where in Apollo House’s sole opinion, the Occupier causes excessive consumption of electricity or other utility charges, Apollo House reserves the right to charge an additional charge to the Occupier and in these circumstances this additional charge will be notified in writing to the Occupier and added to the Occupation fee

4.3 Apollo House will undertake cleaning of shared facilities used by the Occupier in the building in which the Accommodation is situated, the occupier will be responsible for the cleaning of their own room. Also it is expected that the occupiers will be jointly and severally liable for their allocated kitchen and shower rooms and Apollo House reserves the right to make an additional charge if it is necessary to undertake an additional clean, the decision being Apollo House’s alone. Under no circumstances shall fan heaters be allowed in the room and may be removed and stored by the staff of Apollo House and retuned at the end of the licence period. If there is a need for an additional heat source then this will be provided by Apollo House staff

4.4 The Licence fee does not cover television licences for individual rooms and should Occupiers wish to watch television in their room, it is the Occupier’s responsibility to ensure that they obtain a valid licence from the appropriate authority.

4.5 if the Occupier wishes to replace an Occupier the Occupier shall give no less than 14 days’ notice and shall pay an administration fee as specified by Apollo House at the time of the request.

4.6 if cleared funds in respect of any part of the Occupation Fee payable by the Occupier are not received before the due dates agreed in the Booking Form, then the occupier shall not be entitled to continue their occupation.

4.7 the Occupier will pay to Apollo House any costs incurred by Apollo House as a result of the Occupier and /or the Occupier failing to follow Apollo House instructions or guidance which may be given in the form of verbal, emailed or written form or where the Occupier and/or the Occupier has breached any terms of this Agreement or where the Occupier and/or the Occupier has failed to notify Apollo House within a reasonable amount of time of any fault, event or activity which would potentially cause damage or loss to the Accommodation, Building or the Contents

4.8 the Occupier will pay to Apollo House an administration fee of £30 for any additional invoices,statements, emails, letters or copies of documents sent to or on behalf of the Occupier at their request

4.9 the Occupier will pay Apollo House an administration fee of £30 for any additional inspection which Apollo House must schedule for the following reasons:‐

4.9.1 The Accommodation is not ready for a previously scheduled inspection

4.9.2 Where additional inspections are required due to the continual unsatisfactory condition of the Accommodation

4.9.3 Where the Accommodation requires additional inspections due to an unsatisfactory or incomplete set of inspection


4.10 the Occupier will provide Apollo House with at least 5 days written notice of the date Occupiers intend to vacate the


4.11 the Occupier will be responsible for all of the Occupier’s obligations under this Agreement and for any damage or loss caused to the Accommodation until the End of the Period of Licence regardless of whether the Accommodation is vacated before the end of the Period of Licence.

4.12 if the Accommodation is vacated before the end of the Period of License, the Occupation fee will remain payable until the end of the Period of the L4.13 the Occupier will ensure that any post or parcels addressed to Occupiers are not sent to Apollo house after the end of the Period of Licence

4.14 after the expiry of the Period of Licence, Apollo House is under no obligation to accept, return, redirect for forward any parcels or letters on the behalf of the Occupier or on behalf of Occupiers and it is the Occupier’s responsibility to ensure that post and any expected parcels are sent to the Occupiers correct home address or other forwarding addresses. Should Apollo House incur any costs in accepting, returning, forwarding or re‐directing such items, then the Occupier agrees to reimburse such costs to Apollo House.

Where any parcels or post addressed to the Occupier arrive after the Occupier has vacated the Accommodation, Apollo House is under no obligation to forward, return, re‐direct or accept such items for the Occupier or the Occupier.


5.1 Apollo House reserves the right during the Period of Licence to move Occupier(s) to an alternative room in Apollo House


5.1.1 the Occupier is given reasonable notice; and

5.1.2 the Occupier and Occupiers allocated to the Accommodation occupy the alternative accommodation on the terms

of this Agreement


6.1 It is agreed between Apollo House and the Occupier that if at any time:

6.1.1 the whole or any part of the Occupation Fee shall be unpaid after it becomes due as detailed on the

Booking Form (whether legally demanded or not); or

6.1.2 there has been a serious breach, serious non‐performance or serious non‐observance of the Occupier’s and/or the

Occupiers obligations under this Agreement or the Residential Regulations; or

6.1.3 there are repeated minor breaches, non‐performance or non‐observance of this Agreement or the

Residential Regulations

6.1.4 the Occupier becomes insolvent

6.1.5 it becomes apparent that the License was granted as a result of a false statement

this Agreement can be terminated in part or in its entirety by Apollo House on 14 days written notice and in such circumstances no Occupation fees or any other payments made under this Agreement shall be refunded to the Occupier other than the Damage.

Deposit which shall be dealt with in accordance with clause 12.0 of the Residential Regulations.

If the Accommodation/or Building are destroyed or damaged or some other event occurs so as to render the Accommodation/or Building incapable of occupation, then either Apollo House or the Occupier may end this Agreement by giving the other one month’s

written notice.


If any term, condition or provision contained in the Agreement shall be held to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, the

validity, legality or enforceability of the remaining parts of the Agreement shall not be affected.


The Occupier is hereby notified that notices (including notices in proceedings) must be served on Apollo house by the Occupier at its designated address: 36 Heycroft Coventry CV4 7HE

The address for service of notices on the Occupier is the Occupier’s address stated on the Booking form.license.

9.0 Cancellation Policy

Unless you have already taken-up occupation of your accommodation (which is deemed to occur at the time you collect the keys to the accommodation), you may cancel your licence to occupy (by giving us written notice of cancellation), at any time during the period ending on the date 14 days after the date we send you an email confirming your booking is complete. (the “initial Cancellation Period”). If you cancel the licence to occupy in those circumstances, we will make no charge and return to you your Security Deposit in full, However, if you cancel after the 14 days there will be a cancellation fee and administration fee of £50.